GH Liquid Lead

GH Liquid Lead

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Liquid Lead is an Organic Flower Booster.

Heavy Enhancer - Contains a special formula precisely designed for the heaviest harvest. A unique blend of organic enzyme activators vitamins essential amino acids and carbohydrates that will unleash the full flowering potential of your favourite plants or herbs.

• Optimises harvest weight

• Promotes vigorous growth

• Enhances flavour and taste

Liquid Lead stimulates the plant into the final flower production phase and with compounds extracted from plant tissue allowing the plant to hold additional weight when dry. For Aroma and flavour Liquid Lead is loaded with easily absorbed short and long chain naturally occurring carbohydrates and with fulvic acid to help absorption of macro and micro nutrients. Liquid lead stimulates natural oil production leading to an increase in potency and flavour as well allowing maximum brix (sugar) levels to be achieved within the plant.

Use: Last two weeks of the flowering period.